Friday, October 15, 2010

The Start of 2010-2011

And here we go...

And we begin the 2010-2011 NHL season, which so far, isn't so great. As of tonight the Ducks are 1-3-1 however, it's they are looking better than their first 3 games on the road to Detroit, Nashville, and St Louis. Those 3 were embarrassing to say the least but before all that nonsense, I flew back down to SoCal and attended training camp as well as 2 pre-season games.

It was fun being back home amongst my fellow Ducks supporters a
nd of course being back in the Pond. I met more great people, took some photos with a few players and hung out. I miss it so much.

My good friend Nick joined me for the first pre-season game against the Coyotes. Anaheim lost and I went alone to the 2nd one the following night against the Sharks, which we won. Both nights I was able to become a seat ninja and got to sit very close to the glass: 3 rows from in the 1st game and up against in the 2nd. Hey, it was pre-season and not many people where there, figured that I would help warm those cushions wait tushins!

So here we are now, 5 games into the season and the Ducks are 3 points in so many games. Getzy was named the Cap'n, which I was hoping it would be Koivu, he got the A along with Selanne. Like I said, the first 3 games were a disaster with Anaheim getting out played, out shot, out everything in each. The Ducks would get blanked out in Detroit(0 - 4), they would lose in Nashville the following night(1 - 4), and in St. Louis, it would be the same result(1-5).
Next would be opening night at home and knowing their record for winning home opener games, things weren't too optimistic.

The team that were visiting that night would be the Vancouver Canucks who are favoured to be the big Cup contender this year. Anaheim would score first but the Nucks would answer back quickly with 2 goals. Things started to get gloomy. Selanne would tie it up, however Vancouver would go-ahead. That's when the big RPG line would finally produce and answer back in fine fashion get two unanswered. Although it wasn't a pretty win, it was a win nonetheless, one that was needed. The team effort was there where in the first 3 games, it wasn't near anywhere.
Tonight, Atlanta was in town and they would get on the board first, literally. The first shot on goal was theirs and it was in the back of the net. Anaheim would answer on a PP goal from Perry. In the 2nd period, Anaheim would get two, one from dman Toni Lydman who made his debut after having double vision before the pre-season games started. Getzy would get the Ducks 4 goals to 2 over the Thrashers in the 3rd but Anaheim would fail on 2 PKs and Atlanta would tie it up, sending the game into OT and into the shootout where only one player would score, unfortunately it would be a Thrashers player. Anaheim lost 4 - 5 but not without showing better play yet not good of defense on the PK.

With that, my trip was great though I could say less for the start of the season.

And sadly, I won't be doing OOTP much for next two weeks being that things are happening in my personal life and I pretty much will be without a laptop and monitor for my other computer, thus begins a hiatus or rather "until I can write when I find a CPU with proper display". Same goes for the Ducks Vlogstrosity. However, I am hoping to be back in SoCal, living on Nov 3.

Until then, I wish everyone the best and as always + forever:

Go Ducks!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Seattle Meets Anaheim

Quick hit for today...

Being that I am currently living in the PNW and sans the Canucks, the only hockey teams in the area play in the WHL and that I get news regarding the Seattle Thunderbirds, I figured that I would share the email that I have just received.

It seems that a couple of T-Birds players will be attending NHL training camps. And one of those players will be at the Ducks camp starting on the 18th of this month.

Seattle defenseman, "Scott Ramsay left for the Anaheim Ducks Training Camp on Friday. Ramsay, a 19-year-old defenseman, is a free agent invite to the Ducks camp." That was the line that opened up my eyes up a bit. Ramsay was acquired by the T-Birds in a trade last season with the Chilliwack Bruins. He appeared in 64 games with the T-Birds and had a goal and three assists with 129 PIM.

I will be keeping my eyes open whilst at training camp for Ramsay. Hopefully he will be a promising player for Anaheim in the future.

Go Ducks!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Do you feel it?

That change in the air (unless you're living in SoCal)? All the annoying teeny-boppers going back to school? August being over?

It feels great to be back! No, I'm not talking about freaking American Football, I am talking about Hockey! Training camp is just around the corner! All the players return while some have questions whether or not they'll be returning to the same team. And some will be playing along side new faces. And last but not least:


Been a pretty eventful, then un-eventful summer! The Cap'n and Aaron Ward say goodbye to hockey. Selanne signed on for one more, Koivu for 2. Wiz and Mikey B are gone. Danny Syvret, Toni Lydman, and Andy Sutton come on to a help out on the blueline while Aaron Voros and Trevor Smith sign on for the front. All the while the main thing is...

"Will we have Bobby Ryan re-signed before camp??"

Things have progressed but anything final has yet to be determined. We all sit on edge and wait.

Also, I brush off the rust and dust and bring you a new installment of Ducks Vlogstrosity!

Have a look and enjoy! Like I said before, it's feel good being back!

Go Ducks!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


When I woke up this morning to my text message, I knew it wasn't going to be promising. My mobile screen read:

"The Ducks and Scott Niedermayer will be holding a press conference this afternoon."

You usually don't hold a presser for announcing one more year. Then the word on the interweb and twitter was spreading like wildfire. People were saying that Scotty was going to announce his retirement. As a Ducks fan, I knew that this day would come. We've all been expecting it since after the 2007/2008 season. However, when I sat there watching the live stream of the presser and hearing Scotty say "I'm here to announce: I'm retiring from professional hockey.", I still found myself to be in shock. Scotty has played such a big part on and off the ice for Anaheim. He was our Cap'n. I gotta admit that the water-works turned on when he thanked his family and had to stop so he could hold back the tears but I can imagine that there's a bit of relief on his end. And I will say that there's some on our end as well because the same off-season, song and dance started to get a wee bit frustrating. Now we know that the team will move on.

So now we all are left wondering about the status of the much needed defense on the Ducks bench because if we thought that our D was thin last year, it's even now worse with the Cap'n hanging up his skates. And this also doesn't mean we won't see the last of Scotty. He also announced that he will still be apart of the club as a consultant and the team will help him grow as a coach. I can definitely see him as a D coach for Anaheim later down the line. Also there's the question of:

"Who will be the one to wear the C next season?"

Some will answer: Getzlaf. I must be honest, he is not ready yet. As much as i would like to see Selanne wear it, i know that he doesn't want to. So in my humble opinion, I think it will be down between Koivu and Marchant. We will see.

With the draft coming in 3 days, it will be interesting to see if there are any other eventful news in Anaheim but with Scotty's announcement today, we all can exhale, just a little. Let's not forget that there is still the case with Bobby as well as with anything official from Selanne and Koivu. Let's hope that Scotty retiring is the only reason why we would feel empty inside. And speaking of which:

You will always be Cap'n in my heart.

Go Ducks.

Scotty's legacy: One of the best in the history of the game.


Career Accomplishments
Four-time Stanley Cup Champion
Won one Cup with Anaheim (2007) and three with New Jersey (1995, 2000 & 2003)
Team Canada – Two Olympic Gold Medals (2002 & 2010)
Served as Team Captain at 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver 2004 World Championship, 2004 World Cup Title, 1991 World Junior Championship
2004 James Norris Memorial Trophy Winner
Was named a finalist for the trophy three straight seasons (2004, 2006 & 2007) Six-Time NHL All-Star
Appeared in five All-Star Games (1998, 2001, 2004, 2008 and 2009) Was named to the 2007 All-Star Game but did not play due to injury
Three-Time First Team All-Star (2004, 2006 & 2007)

2007 Conn Smythe Trophy Winner
Was named the NHL’s Most Valuable Player during Anaheim’s Stanley Cup Run

1993 NHL All-Rookie Team Member

1992 Memorial Cup Champion, Kamloops Blazers, Western Hockey League
Stafford Smythe Trophy Winner as Memorial Cup MVP

13 Career Overtime Goals, the Most by a Defenseman in NHL History All-Time Leading Defensive Scorer for the Anaheim Ducks and New Jersey Devils
The Only Player in Hockey History to Have Won a Stanley Cup, Olympic Gold Medal, World Championship, World Cup, Memorial Cup and World Junior Title
No other player has won even five of those six titles

The Only Player in Hockey History to have won Four Stanley Cups and Two Olympic Gold Medals

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Chicago Blackhawks, Stanley Cup Winners
of the 2009/2010 season!

however, I will add you to this list:

Go Ducks!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


It was a great day...

It's June 6th, 2007 and by the end of the night, the Anaheim Ducks would be winners of the Stanley Cup for the 2006/2007 season. They would win it all in 5 games against the Ottawa Senators. Teemu Selanne would be hoisting the Cup above his head with tears in his eyes. As the telly spot shows, no words would be able to describe his feeelings:

It's something that every person in the Ducks nation longs to witness again... soon. On that day, I was at work watching some of the game with other Ducks fans who were also employed at the Disneyland. We were all joyous. I know some who were actually at that wonderful game watching with their own eyes as it all unfolded. Where were you?

Being that today is a special day, I have asked a couple of fellow Ducks bloggers to write their experience on June 6, 2007: Jer from and Jen from Anaheim Calling. They were so cool to accept and here are their stories...


[A Cup and a Concussion]

“Boss, I'm going to need Emergency Time Off today”


“My team is going to win the Stanley Cup.”

“[long pause]... Okay.”

The day the Ducks won the Cup is one that, 3 years later, I still find myself piecing in little bits at a time. I will say that as my story unfolds, I will be making regular mention of drinking. But please keep in mind that I don't mention it in some sort of frat boy, macho “look how much I can fucking drink bro” kind of way. I'm not that kind of guy. I mention it only because, ultimately, it is important to the story.

After securing the day off from my confused manager (I worked the night shift back then), I headed over to a local BJ's Restaurant to watch the game. If I couldn't be at the Ponda, I wanted at least to be around others watching the game. Luckily, there were Ducks fans in full force, and for once a bar was actually allowing some playing time for hockey on their TV's. Uncharacteristically of me, I quickly made friends with everyone sitting up at the bar.

It was only about 4 minutes in when McDonald scored the first goal of the night. With the Ducks up by one, I order a shot of Jager. Because BJ's doesn't keep Red Bull on hand, I drop the shot into what remains of my beer to make a not-so-great Jagerbomb substitute.

My enthusiasm for the game has a few people who weren't initially watching the play asking me questions about the ins and outs of the game. What does icing mean? Are they really just allowed to fight? What are the penalties? I try to tell them as much as I can over some beers while at the same time not losing focus on the game. By the time Rob scores goal number two just before the 1st period closes, they seem genuinely interested in hockey. Improvised Jagerbombs.

At the start of the 2nd period I realize it's probably just about time that my dad is getting off work, which isn't too far from BJ's. I call him up and invite him to come out. Though my dad's not a big drinker, we share some beers and watch some amazing hockey. Having my dad there makes this game somehow even bigger for me. Unlike my dad, I was never much of a sports fan, especially as a kid. But when I was 9 and the Mighty Ducks franchise just popped up in Anaheim my dad, as someone who knew nothing about hockey, decided it might be interesting to learn and get into. We were at the the (Mighty) Duck's very first game together (and many games that season and for many seasons to follow), and for some reason something about hockey just made it stick with this non-sports fans. Here it was 14 years later, and we were together watching that franchise about to take their first Stanley Cup. The moment seemed huge... but maybe I was just feeling a little sentimental after a few too many celebratory improvised Jagerbombs and beers. At this point, the Ducks had scored 3 more goals, and the Sens only 2. The Ducks were leading 5-2, and I had already had too much to drink.

At this time a coworker and friend of mine had gotten off work, and decided to come join my dad and I. I'm sure when my coworker showed up, he realized that he would be taking care of me that night.

Perry scored number 6 shortly before closing the 3rd period, and the Anaheim Ducks bring the first cup to to California. More drinks are shot, and I'm high-fiving everyone in the bar as the cup is passed from Duck to Duck on TV.

My coworker, realizing I was in no condition to drive at this point, decided that the right thing to do was to drive me back to work, so he can watch a drunken me taunt a Kings-fan coworker on his shift. And taunt I did. At least, I'm pretty sure I did. Things get a little fuzzy at this point. My friend starts to realize I might start getting a little too belligerent to be in an office with supervisors around, and that maybe I should cool down for a bit. Knocked Up had just come out, and so we went to see it. It wasn't until a few years later that I saw Knocked Up for a second time, and it was like watching the movie anew – I didn't remember a single thing.

After the movie, I was still clearly intoxicated, so my coworker did the responsible thing: Took me to another bar. This is a bar we used to frequent where everyone knew each other and, surprisingly, there were a few other hockey fans.

Shots were poured and quickly taken care of. This went on for some time. I don't remember much of anything from the bar from this point on, but I do remember at one time walking up to a urinal and puking. There's been very few times I've ever drank enough to puke, and I don't think ever in a public place. Especially in a urinal.

Eventually my coworker took me home. Back then I lived in a gated apartment complex. In my drunken stupor, I was convinced I did not have the keys to get in the gate. I acknowledged the fact that I did in fact have the keys to my home, but I somehow thought that the gate keys were left in my car back in the BJ's parking lot, and not on the same keychain as my home keys as usual. This wasn't the case, but you couldn't have convinced me of that.

Regardless, there was only one solution: Jump the gate. I struggled to pull myself up over the gate, failed, and stumbled backward. This repeated itself a few times. Eventually, the pathetic display had my coworker suggesting he help hoist me over.

I landed with a thud on the other side of the gate, and jumped immediately up to my feet.

“Dude, did you land on your head?”

“No, I'm good, good night.”

As I walked up to my door, I felt like I was losing snippets of time as I walked, and started to get very confused. I must be really drunk, I thought. When I got in the door, I immediately hit my bed (I was too dizzy to stand and the room was spinning a bit too much to do anything else). I fell asleep almost immediately.

When I reluctantly woke up the next day, I found I was still confused, and could barely walk a foot without throwing up. My coworker was calling me. He recapped some of the night and filled in a few of the many missing pieces.

We talked about jumping the gate. He told me I landed (and fell) awkwardly when I jumped to the other side, but it was hard for him to see me in the dark. He asked me again if I had landed on my head. I told him it was absurd, and there was no way.

After we got off the phone, I walked to the bathroom to try and brush my teeth and stand on my feet for more than a minute. When I looked in the mirror, I was a little shocked to see a gash with dried blood crusted to the entire side of my face.

Fuck, I landed on my hand.

Turns out my confusion and dizziness had less to do with the drinking and more to do with the concussion I would later find out that I was suffering from. I basically gave myself a mild form of temporary brain damage in order to celebrate the 2007 Stanley Cup champions.

The biggest question this all raised was, well, damn it... what bodily harm do I do in celebration of their next cup win?

* * * * *

Here's video of game 5's on-ice project intro:


It felt like the longest workday of my life.

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007, the minutes ticked by. A job as an accountant is mundane to be sure, but it’s almost painful when you’re waiting for game time. No one in my office could understand the butterflies of this day. MY TEAM, the team I had followed intensely for the past 12 years was on the verge of taking the biggest prize in professional hockey; however, my Stanley Cup night was probably less exciting than most fans.

Finally released from my cubicle cell, I rushed home, not to a bar, but home, for game time. I chose to watch the game at home with my family, the only people, aside from close friends, that could truly understand my feelings on this night. They knew I lived and breathed Ducks hockey since my dad took me to my first game. They knew I was crushed, crying along with Jiggy back in 2003, when they lost Game 7.

I could barely watch the game. I knew that the Ducks we’re pretty secure in the series up three games to one, but I wasn’t taking anything for granted. I hid my eyes under a blanket most of the game. I was too nervous to watch. It was a good thing my dad had a DVR so we could go back and watch the goals.

Moen secured the win. Perry put it in the refrigerator. Three minutes left, then two, then one. We did it. They did it. My years of suffering through losing seasons had finally paid off - Lord Stanley had come to California.

I choked back tears as Teemu took his lap with The Cup. Of course I wanted this for the organization, but I wanted this for him more. Teemu Selanne is Anaheim Ducks hockey.

So quickly, the coverage was over. I was beaming, though. No one could take away this victory. So proud of my boys, this season, the organization, and Ducks fans everywhere. We deserved this, and I hope that I don’t have to wait long to experience it again.

I close with probably the best quote of the playoffs, from a then 22 year old Ryan Getzlaf. When asked about how it feels to win The Cup, Getzy responded with, “It feels great. We played our balls off.” Amen Getzy, amen.

* * * * *

Once again, THANK YOU to Jer and Jen and of course THANK YOU to the Ducks of 2007. All I ask is, can we please have more, this whole winning the Stanley Cup thingy is rather nice and addictive.

Let's Go Ducks!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Someone please kill that penguin looking NHL Commisioner! Oh, and Ducks Vlogstrosity..

Tis a new week and I had to roll out a quick D.V.
Which talks about the SCF as well as Bettman being a penguin looking idiot who probably sleeps with Sidney Crosby+Alex Ovechkin plushies, Ducks making a big not-so-earth-shattering announcement, annnnnnnd people reading into what Scotty sounds like over the radio. I also shout out to a lovely lady who knows her hockey shiz and who is rather witty!

Go Ducks!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stanley Cup Finals!

Well that was quick...

So there we have it, the SCF is upon us and who will be in it??

[#2 Chicago Blackhaws V #7 Philadelphia Flyers]

Chicago were able to do a proper job of sweeping the San Jose Sharks. The Flyers almost did that against the Montreal Canadiens but settled to win in 5 games thus taking them to the SCF. I won't be picking a team to win the Cup this season though I do have hopes, but I will say that I am happy to see the Sharks, Wings, Kings, and Yotes nowhere near Lord Stanley's hardware. It's also nice to know that the Ducks are still the only California team to have a Cup. So we will see who's year it will be when game 1 kicks off this coming Saturday. Sadly, I won't be able to see games 1-3 live because of the new job, so it will be DVR madness for me!

Speaking of the Ducks and Cup, I will be doing a special entry on June 6th which will mark the 3 anniversary of Anaheim winning it all against the Ottawa Senators. I also will be having a guest writer give us his memories of that glorious event! It's going to be great.

* * * * *
In other news:

Detroit Red Wings legend, Steve Yzerman, has been named the new GM for the financially struggling Tampa Bay Lightning. This comes as a little surprise to me because I would think that one such as Stevie Y would not want to having anything do with a franchise that is known to be on their last breath, but it's obvious that he's up to the challenge.


Contract negotiations between Anaheim Ducks GM, Bob Murray, and the Bobby Ryan camp have resumed. It's-about-time. Negotiations between the two stopped because BM felt that it was better to have BR focus on his game towards the end of the regular season and didn't want to create any unnecessary distractions. All of the Ducks faithful have been wondering what was going on between the two parties being that they would like to see BR get re-signed with Anaheim and not have to get to the point where the club has to match any offer sheets from other bidders. Remember the Dustin Penner situation but then former Ducks GM, Brian Burke, had the team in a dodgy situation with the salary cap and were forced to move Penner to Edmonton. This time around, it will be a better situation:

“First of all, we’re in a much better shape financially than the summer with Penner,” Murray said. “A much better situation. Secondly, with Donny Meehan (one of Bobby Ryan's agents), it’s his job to get the best contract possible for his client. It’s David’s and my job to fit it in the right spot so we can compete next year. We both have different goals in mind."

“In the end, you usually can come together.”

The cap hit for Bobby's next contract looks to be no less than $5MM a year and would see him in a Ducks sweater until 2014. A contract very much like Anaheim forwards, Ryan Getzlaf + Corey Perry, who were re-sign with the club for a little more and whose contract will be up in 2013.
Bobby Ryan has stated that he still wants to be with the club. I think the fact that he has bought a new home in SoCal will suffice as clear evidence of his intentions.

We will see.

And last but not least:

This weeks Ducks Vlogstrosity is up and running for your viewing pleasure. And even though I talk about the same stuff in today's blog entry, that doesn't mean that you get to NOT watch it. So watch it!

Go Ducks!


If you want to see something amazing:

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Conference Finals

Today marks the start for both of the Western and Eastern Conference Finals.

For the West, we have:

#1 San Jose Sharks V #2 Chicago Blackhawks

This could be one hell of an amazing series and most are saying that the winner of these two could probably be the winner of the Cup. Chicago dispatched the Vancouver Canucks in 6 games and showed that they have learned a lot since last year's post season. They'll look to take their experience against the Sharks in hope of moving to the SCF since the 91-92 season. As for San Jose, this will be their 2nd WCF in franchise history, since losing to the Calgary Flames in 2003-2004. We all know that the Sharks have been good at choking in the post season, but being that they pretty much dismantled the Detroit Red Wings in 5 games, they'll look to redeem themselves for many years of playoff disappointment.

So far, Chicago's rookie netminder, Antti Niemi, has been pretty solid as well as the team playing in front of him. San Jose will hope to ride on the shoulders of an amazing Joe Pavelski as well as their top players. Will this be another conference final exit for the Hawks?? Will San Jose have too much rust from over a week off the ice? Or will old demons haunt the Sharks in this final?? We will see.

As for my picks on this series? I'll keep my mouth shut since I have been 50% right.

For the East:

#7 Philadelphia Flyers V #8 Montreal Canadiens

Both teams have come on top after upsetting their opponents as well as surprising most of the hockey world. The Flyers defeated the Boston Bruins after being down 0 - 3 in the series, they came back to win it 4 games to 3. In game 7, they were down in Boston 0 goals to 3 but were able to come back and defeats the B's in a final score of 4 - 3. Completely creepy and crazy. As for the Habs, they went on to defeat the Cup champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins, in 7 games and in that 7th game, they were able to not just win but crushed the Pens in a final score of 5 - 2. It looks like the Habs could have a great chance at the Cup and will be on a tidal wave of momentum to that goal. Halak has been a wall and players like Cammalleri, Gionta, and PK Subban have been contributing.

For the Flyers, netminder Leighton has filled the shoes pretty well after being asked to step up when Boucher injured himself, but also stepping up have been players such as Richards, Pronger, Briere and of course Gagne. This will be an evenly matched series and will be interesting to see who will move on to the Cup final.

My picks for this one? I think the Habs will be the team to move on and it could happen in 7 games. But who knows? I haven't been spot on in my Eastern picks. Let's hope I am for this one.

There you have it. We will see where these four teams will be when I do the Ducks Vlogstrosity this coming week. Til then:

Go Ducks!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Ducks Vlogstrosity!

D.V. is back this week after taking one off!!

Just a quick catch up on round 2 as well as other news and as stated in the vlog, I will be doing a write-up on the conclusion of the 2nd round following tomorrows game 7 with the Bruins and the Flyers: 2 teams enter. Only one will move on (cue suspense music).

Go Ducks!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Who the heck would've guessed?!?!

Some quick playoffs yapp...

Todays honoured guest who is Mexican AND plays pro hockey:

Scotty G!

Round 2 is well underway and it looks like some things have been moving along nicely... unless you're the Detroit Red Wings.
As of last night, the Wings look like they're on the brink of being swept by... THE SAN JOSE SHARKS?!?!

We who follow hockey rather closely are a tad surprised because we're used to two things when it comes to the post season:
1. The Wings always dominate and if not, they go to 6 or 7 games.
2. The Sharks choke around this time of year.

This doesn't look like what we're used to. San Jose will look to clean house tomorrow night in Detroit and although I don't like the Sharks to say the least, it will always bring a smile to my face to see the Wings lose let alone get swept because Detroit will trump San Jose in the title of "rivals" when it comes to Anaheim. I for one don't want to see either of these two teams take the WCF, and I know that I'm not alone on this one.

As for the other series...
*Pittsburgh took one over the Habs last night in Montreal and are now 2 - 1 in their series.
*Boston will look to go 3 - 0 over the Flyers tonight in the first game at Philadelphia in this series.
*In the first game at the GMP of the Nucks/Hawks series, one team will go 2 - 1 at the end of tonight. But who will it be??? (cue suspenseful-dooming music)

That is pretty much going to be it for this week. I decided not to do an episode of Ducks Vlogstrosity because to be honest, it was easier for me to type than record. I would've said the same thing on video. However, I will have one next week. I promise you.

But before I go, I wanted to share something that it absolutely non-hockey related. I know, right??? I came across a wonderfully amazing site that someone has here on good ol' The site is dedicated to one Nick Cage which feature photos of Nick Cages' mug on different famous figures. Check it out, I'm sure you'll dig it as much as I do.
Also, in a very hockey related topic, I wanted to give a shout out to Jer's (@thelinear) website called (cue trumpets): HOCKEY PUNX
If you're into hockey AND punk rock then this site is for you! He gives amazing insight to both things and his playoff pick vids are amazing!! Tell him I sent you!
And I'm sure he'll agree:

Go Ducks!


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Round 1 Round-up! 2 begins today!


Yesterdays amazing upset of the Montreal Canadiens ending the Washington Capitals season, was the dramatic ending of what I think could be one of the craziest first rounds in NHL's recent post season history. Within the first two games of this round, all but one series were split, a few went into OT (some back to back), and of course the upsets. Here were my picks and here are the results:

[Western Conference]

I would end up being 2 - 4 on my series picks. We will start with the ones I got:

#2 Chicago Blackhawks V #7 Nashville Predators:
CHI 4 - 2 NAS
I would be right on this pick! The Hawks and Preds would end up going to 6 games in this series with the Hawks moving onto the next round.

#3 Vancouver Canucks V #6 Los Angeles Kings:
VAN 4 - 2 LAK
It would seem as though the Kings' PP was going to be too much for the Nucks to handle. Where as Vancouvers PK and PP seemed to be falling apart, they were able to get their special teams sorted out and were able to end LA's season in 6 games. I had picked 4. Nucks still prevailed.

Now my wrong picks:

#4 Phoenix Coyotes V #5 Detroit Red Wings:
PHO 3 - 4 DET
It looked as though I could have been right with this one. The Yotes destroyed Detroit in a must win game 6 and looked to carry the momentum in game 7 at home in Glendale, AZ buuuuuut Detroit played a game of "Anything you can do..." in the last game of the Yotes season. Wings move ahead to play tonight, will they be rested enough or will the fire go gone for this one?

#1 San Jose Sharks V #8 Colorado Avalanche
SJS 4 - 2 COL
I felt that the Avs were going to pull an upset here. It seemed that way when Dan Boyle tried to move the puck around the boards and instead found it's way to a unaware, unfocused Nabokov and into the back of the net during overtime in game 3. But the play of Pavelski would overshadow any of Colorado's chances. San Jose move on but will it be their only series to win this year?

On with the EC in which I was 1 for 3 on picks...

#4 Pittsburgh Penguins V #5 Ottawa Senators
PIT 4 - 2 OTT
This would be the only series which I would be right on picking. Pittsburgh would win the last game of the this series in Ottawa.

#2 New Jersey Devils V #7 Philadelphia Flyers
NJD 1 - 4 PHI
This happened to be the first upset of this years post season. Flyers dominated the series against the Devils. Maybe it was that last surge for Philly towards the end of the season that carried on over to the post? But even with the addition of Kovalchuk and the veteran status of Brodeur, besides the other number of great players, I thought NJ were going to easily take this series... oh how I was wrong.

#3 Buffalo Sabres V # 6 Boston Bruins
BUF 2 - 4 BOS
This would end up being another upset in the EC because many, including myself, had picked the Sabres to dominate the post and end up in the SCF. We thought that because of the man who would be between the pipes, Ryan Miller. It was a showdown between Miller and Bostons own Tuukka Rask, their man in net. Twas a very entertaining series, I must say. The B's move on and send the Sabres heading out to book tee times at the golf course.

#1 Washington Capitals V Montreal Canadiens
WAS 3 - 4 MTL
The biggest upset in the entire 1st Round! Everyone wrote the Habs off. The Caps won the Presidents Trophy being the destructive offensive team in the regular season. We all thought they were going to completely dismantle Montreal and it looked that way when they were up in the series 3 games to 1. However, after being pulled in game 3 and not starting in game 4, Habs netminder Jaroslav Halak, showed up big time in games 5, 6, 7 and made me believe that he was either possessed by Big Man Upstairs himself, or that the Red Guy With The Pitchfork offered him an amazing deal for his soul. When Montreal looked to be done for the season, it was Halak that saved the series as well as the Habs' PK (31 for 32) and the ability to shut down Ovechkin. Once again proving that winning the PT isn't always the best thing if you want to win the Cup.

* * * * *

Round 2 beings tonight...

The Red Wings and the Sharks will faceoff in game 1 at the Shark Tank in just a few hours thus starting the second round of the post season. Here are my picks:

[#1 San Jose Sharks V #5 Detroit Red Wings]
Besides the Ducks, the Red Wings are the team that no one wants to face in the post. As far as experience, they are it. In this series, being a Ducks fan, I want both teams to lose. However, I know that can never happen so I will be root for TEAMS TO LOSE. I hope this series, the Sharks will be sent packing. My pick: Red Wings in 6

[#2 Chicago Blackhawks V #3 Vancouver Canucks]
This will be a rematch of last seasons WC Semi-Finals and it should be nasty yet hopefully damn entertaining. With the return of Hawks dman, Brian Campbell, Dustin Byfuglien moves back from defense to forward and will be expected to get in those dirty areas in front of the net. Think of our very own Corey Perry. Both teams are pretty much evenly matched however Nucks prima donna, Luongo, could be the deciding factor because the Hawks are a little weaker in goal than Vancouver. Even though that is the case: Hawks in 7

For the EC:

[#4 Pittsburgh Penguins V #8 Montreal Canadiens]
Well it's not the rematch that everyone hoped for with the Pens and Caps, but I think it should be an interesting series. The one thing that the Caps couldn't do against the Habs was having the ability to finish and that is exactly what the Pens can do. The Habs are gonna have to play the same as what they did with Washington but they're gonna have to limit the number of shots from Pittsburgh because the Caps had way too many of them on net. If they can't manage to do that: Pens in 6

[#6 Boston Bruins V #7 Philadelphia Flyers]
Tuukka Rask was a big factor in the upset with Buffalo and Marc Savard has been cleared & will return to hopefully boost Bostons offense. I expect this to be an amazing, brutal series. Physically, defensively, offensively and in goal they are even but Rask could be the deciding factor yet again and if not, don't forget that Tim Thomas is the back-up, although he hasn't had a great season, he could be called in and the fire could ignite. Who will come out of this one for the ECF? I say: Boston in 6

So thems my picks for the Western and Eastern Conference Semis! But before I end this blog installment, I recorded and uploaded the latest episode of Ducks Vlogstrosity yesterday right before the Habs/Caps game. It's a short one but have a look anyways:

Feel free to watch as many times as you want and even leave a comment or two.

As always:

Go Ducks!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Round 1 goodness!

We're in the thick of round 1 and so far this has been one crazy post season. At one time, all but 1 series were at 1 - 1! And there have been a good number of overtime play for example, the SJ/COL series has gone to OT in 3 consecutive games! So far some teams are going to try to close this 1st round, Philly and Pittsburgh hope to do this. I know that I was supposed to do RD 1 EC picks so I will go through and quickly get it out of the way:

#4 Pens V #5 Sens:

#7 Flyers V #2 Devils:

#1 Caps V #8 Habs:

#3 Sabres V #6 Bruins:

OK! There you go, my picks with no explanation whatsoever!
And eve though they're out playing golf...

Go Ducks!

PS: Its not in this weeks Ducks Vlogstrosity but Ducks forwards, Corey Perry and Ryan Carter have been pick to represent their respected nations for this years World Championships in Germany! Perry for Canada and Carter for USA. Well done and please don't get hurt-ed.

This weeks Ducks Vlogstrosity features a little statement to a few select Kings fans who know how to represent their entire fan-base:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

PLAYOFFS! sans the Anaheim Ducks... *sigh*

Today marks the beginning of the NHL Post Season aka Second Season aka Playoffs and although the Ducks will not be taking part in this years second half of the season, I still will be paying attention. I am however not just a die hard Ducks fan but I am also a die hard fan of hockey.

So I have done my picks for the WC and EC in this first part of the playoffs and they are as follows:

[#1 San Jose Sharks V #8 Colorado Avalanche] SERIES START TONIGHT!
Everyone's saying that SJ will take this series, that the Avs are still young and that the Sharks are just too strong of a team. Be that as it may, I feel in my loins that the Avs will come out on top of this series and it will be an upset. Towards the end, SJ have been rather inconsistent and started up their usual playoff choking right before the season ended. So that could be the down fall of the Sharks. The Avs' downfall could be that they are just too inexperienced. We will see.

[#2 Chicago Blackhawks V #7 Nashville Predators] SERIES BEGINS ON FRIDAY
CHICAGO in 4. Yes, the Hawks' goal tending is very questionable and their defense took a turn for the worse when Ovi *accidentally* took out Brian Campbell with a broken clavicle, the Preds won't be able to compete with the grit and amazing offensive still packed in Chicago's barrels. Blackhawks in 4, maybe 5.

[#3 Vancouver Canucks V #6 Los Angeles Kings] SERIES BEGINS TOMORROW
Although they were my top prediction for "team that will surprise all in 2009/2010" they won't be going pass the 1st round. The Canucks just have too much fire power in offense, defense, and goal. LA are still very young and despite having a couple of players with experience, they won't be able to top Vancouver. Canucks in 4.

[#4 Phoenix Coyotes V #5 Detroit Red Wings] SERIES BEGINS TONIGHT
Detroit came out of the Olympic break like gang busters! They were the hottest team in the NHL and dominated however, Phoenix have been consistently amazing all season long. A perfect Cinderella story in Glendale. Bryz has been a wall and is my pick for the Vezina. He has experience in tight, high pressure situations. Then you have Doan, who has a lot to prove. This team are too hungry for the Wings where as Detroit has had an not so great season til the Olympic break due to injuries and Osgood not doing so well. But they are healthy now and Howard has been spectacular. This will be the best and most evenly matched series in the WC possibly the entire 1st round. Coyotes in 7.

There you have it, those are my picks for the WC. I will have my picks for the EC tomorrow. Until then, I bring you this weeks Ducks Vlogstrosity! Watch and enjoy!!

And as always:

Go Ducks!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

it's "OFFICIAL" no 2nd season...

What an amazing week I had! Going back home made me realize how much I missed SoCal! So much to do. I haven't been outside that much since ere moving to Olympia, WA. I will have a special announcement next week on my vlog which I am calling "Ducks Vlogstrosity" Anywho, here is this weeks episode where I talk about my trip and the fact that Anaheim will not be in the playoffs for the first time in 4 seasons (sorry but it's a tad long):

I mention that I have a couple of photos from my trip and here they are:

"Oh my precious Pond, how I've missed you..."

Warm-ups before the Ducks/Stars match

Ducks V Stars: 03:29:2010

Ducks V Canucks: 04:02:2010

My friend of 4 years, Jackie and I!

Got Selanne to sign my sweater!

Also met Scotty for the first time, had him sign my Official SCF Game Puck! Selannes on the other side!

Like I said, it was amazing being back home, seeing family, old friends and meeting new ones! Had a blast and I can't wait to return!

Go Ducks!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Figured I'd do another Vlog.

Hope you all like it!

Go Ducks!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So in my lame attempt that keeping up with OOTP, I decided it was time to get video all up on earth's ass! This is my first attempt. Don't judge...


and always,

Go Ducks!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Goodbye and THANK YOU

Dear Jiggy,

For years you've been the backbone in the Ducks organization setting records and being a wall. In 2003, you won the Conn Smythe and you damn well deserved it. In 2007, you played a huge part into winning the Stanley Cup. Watching you make amazing saves and standing up for your fellow teammates was very enjoyable. These past two season weren't your best, to say the least and as of late, you have been positive about the somewhat crummy situation with who would be no. 1 for Anaheim.

And now you are gone and off to play for another team. It's good that you will be given a fresh new start. You'll be closer to your family in Montreal. You'll be reunited with a phenomenal goal tending coach and will have the opportunity to be a mentor to another up and coming keeper. Best of all, you will be a no. 1 yet again.

And even though I have been on a case for the past two seasons, (the reason being that I knew the sheer talent you possessed and knew you could do better) it will be weird to not see you warming up on the ice and not being in net wearing a Ducks sweater.

For all of the Ducks faithful, it was like we were apart of your family after the birth of your son. You let us into your life and we were all on edge to see how he would turn out. Watching you skate out on that ice, holding your son when you won the Cup was such a touching thing to witness.

And now your moving on.

I just wish you and your family the best of luck in Toronto.

And from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU...

You will be missed.

-Go Ducks