Sunday, January 31, 2010

Goodbye and THANK YOU

Dear Jiggy,

For years you've been the backbone in the Ducks organization setting records and being a wall. In 2003, you won the Conn Smythe and you damn well deserved it. In 2007, you played a huge part into winning the Stanley Cup. Watching you make amazing saves and standing up for your fellow teammates was very enjoyable. These past two season weren't your best, to say the least and as of late, you have been positive about the somewhat crummy situation with who would be no. 1 for Anaheim.

And now you are gone and off to play for another team. It's good that you will be given a fresh new start. You'll be closer to your family in Montreal. You'll be reunited with a phenomenal goal tending coach and will have the opportunity to be a mentor to another up and coming keeper. Best of all, you will be a no. 1 yet again.

And even though I have been on a case for the past two seasons, (the reason being that I knew the sheer talent you possessed and knew you could do better) it will be weird to not see you warming up on the ice and not being in net wearing a Ducks sweater.

For all of the Ducks faithful, it was like we were apart of your family after the birth of your son. You let us into your life and we were all on edge to see how he would turn out. Watching you skate out on that ice, holding your son when you won the Cup was such a touching thing to witness.

And now your moving on.

I just wish you and your family the best of luck in Toronto.

And from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU...

You will be missed.

-Go Ducks