Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The stage is set...

The pieces are in place, the jello is firm, the cheese on the pizza has melted. Well, great. Now I'm hungry.

The second round of the 2014/2015 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs is almost ready to go with the first round concluding tomorrow in Tampa Bay where the Lightning hope to win against the evil and satanic Detroit Red Wings (hurry up, you jerks!). As for the Anaheim Ducks (who swept the Winnipeg Jets in the first round by way of glorious history-making comeback fashion in Games 1 to 3), they'll be squaring off against the Calgary Flames for the first time since the 2005-06 Stanley Cup Playoffs that concluded with Anaheim coming out on top after the series went to seven games. But let's get real: what we mainly remember of that series was one Fran├žois Beauchemin magically turning Jarome Iginla's face into a punching bag in the first minute of Game 6 – something that many would say was the turning point of that series.

The big storyline of this upcoming round with Calgary will be the Flames' own Jonas Hiller facing his ol' netminding compadre in Freddy Andersen and his ex-teammates. Hiller will desperately hope to get sweet and savory revenge on the club that decided to start the younger and much lesser experienced Frandersen in last seasons' playoffs. However, it's beyond easier to say that this year's Ducks are better built than last year's unit (see: Kesbae). With depth coming from all four lines – and thanks to the trade deadline acquisitions on the back end – the task will be hard for Hiller and the Flames, who suffer from the same kind of youth and inexperience as the Jets team that Anaheim dispatched in four games. 

As for Anaheim, the players who are still around from last season have grown a year. They'll need to prove to themselves yet again that they belong amongst the last remaining teams traveling on the road to the Cup and hopefully it will be an epic journey, one that would make JRR Tolkien weep. They know Hiller's weaknesses (*cough* top glove corner! *cough* five-hole! *cough* make him handle the puck! *cough* put a freaking fat booty in front of his face! *cough).

Whoa... I just took a drink of invisible water that must've gone down the wrong tube.

Back to what I was writing... Crap, I forgot. Dammit, Sbisa!

Being that I'm stupidly superstitious, there will be no predictions. Just hope.

Bloggers note:

I know those who have read this silly blog since the beginning (aka .5 human beings) are probably wondering, "Uhhhh what? You're back? Did you at least bring us delicious snacks?! Oh, and where'd you go?" I sussed that I would just throw this post out there and see what response I would get. I've been having that hockey blogging itch. So please, feel free to let me know if I should oil the gears and start 'er back up, or just stick to being best mates with my fat cat Prince. Either of which, I'd be more than happy and pathetic to do! Until then and as always...

Go Ducks!