Friday, October 15, 2010

The Start of 2010-2011

And here we go...

And we begin the 2010-2011 NHL season, which so far, isn't so great. As of tonight the Ducks are 1-3-1 however, it's they are looking better than their first 3 games on the road to Detroit, Nashville, and St Louis. Those 3 were embarrassing to say the least but before all that nonsense, I flew back down to SoCal and attended training camp as well as 2 pre-season games.

It was fun being back home amongst my fellow Ducks supporters a
nd of course being back in the Pond. I met more great people, took some photos with a few players and hung out. I miss it so much.

My good friend Nick joined me for the first pre-season game against the Coyotes. Anaheim lost and I went alone to the 2nd one the following night against the Sharks, which we won. Both nights I was able to become a seat ninja and got to sit very close to the glass: 3 rows from in the 1st game and up against in the 2nd. Hey, it was pre-season and not many people where there, figured that I would help warm those cushions wait tushins!

So here we are now, 5 games into the season and the Ducks are 3 points in so many games. Getzy was named the Cap'n, which I was hoping it would be Koivu, he got the A along with Selanne. Like I said, the first 3 games were a disaster with Anaheim getting out played, out shot, out everything in each. The Ducks would get blanked out in Detroit(0 - 4), they would lose in Nashville the following night(1 - 4), and in St. Louis, it would be the same result(1-5).
Next would be opening night at home and knowing their record for winning home opener games, things weren't too optimistic.

The team that were visiting that night would be the Vancouver Canucks who are favoured to be the big Cup contender this year. Anaheim would score first but the Nucks would answer back quickly with 2 goals. Things started to get gloomy. Selanne would tie it up, however Vancouver would go-ahead. That's when the big RPG line would finally produce and answer back in fine fashion get two unanswered. Although it wasn't a pretty win, it was a win nonetheless, one that was needed. The team effort was there where in the first 3 games, it wasn't near anywhere.
Tonight, Atlanta was in town and they would get on the board first, literally. The first shot on goal was theirs and it was in the back of the net. Anaheim would answer on a PP goal from Perry. In the 2nd period, Anaheim would get two, one from dman Toni Lydman who made his debut after having double vision before the pre-season games started. Getzy would get the Ducks 4 goals to 2 over the Thrashers in the 3rd but Anaheim would fail on 2 PKs and Atlanta would tie it up, sending the game into OT and into the shootout where only one player would score, unfortunately it would be a Thrashers player. Anaheim lost 4 - 5 but not without showing better play yet not good of defense on the PK.

With that, my trip was great though I could say less for the start of the season.

And sadly, I won't be doing OOTP much for next two weeks being that things are happening in my personal life and I pretty much will be without a laptop and monitor for my other computer, thus begins a hiatus or rather "until I can write when I find a CPU with proper display". Same goes for the Ducks Vlogstrosity. However, I am hoping to be back in SoCal, living on Nov 3.

Until then, I wish everyone the best and as always + forever:

Go Ducks!